Protection Services


Personal Protection

At Limelight, we understand that the risk involved in protecting Celebrities, Artists and Corporate clients can be overtly more indirect. Things like negative publicity, intrusive media and paparazzi harassment can be just as psychologically harmful and disruptive to careers as a physical attack.

Due to the occurrences throughout the world over the past few years and the requirement for heightened security worldwide, there has been an increase in the need for a more personalized companion services. When situations such as stalking, kidnapping, blackmail and publicity arises, the need for personal protection is paramount. At Limelight, we know how to use tact and diplomacy when confronted by the media, paparazzi, enthusiastic fans or threats from more sinister and dangerous sources.

Limelight Protection Group utilizes both male and female agents who are capable of adapting to any environment, while providing the highest level of protection. This allows our clients to conduct their everyday activities within safe and secure surroundings without unexpected interruptions. Limelight companions are capable of discreetly dealing with any situation should it arise and is committed to providing our clients with maximum protection against moral, physical and personal danger.

We fully understand the role and responsibilities of client escort, will never get over familiar or blasé, never get photogenic or star struck, and never want to be the ‘extra’ member of the band.


Business Premises and Estate Protection

Over recent years the ever-increasing level of violence used in crimes such as home invasion robberies, Business Premises breakins, racist intimidation and terrorism, has increased drastically. Many individuals no longer feel safe even within the confines of their own homes or businesses. The law enforcement community does not have the resources or time to deal with matters on a personal basis. Limelight Protection Group can provide Business and Estate security personnel for the protection of clients and their families and their businesses.

Limelight provides security with complete professionalism and discretion, allowing our clients and their families to go about their personal lives in an unobstructed manner, with the knowledge that they are secure at all times.

The vast majority of residences have some form of technical security measures in place, such as alarms or CCTV. However, by far the most effective security is that of Estate Security Personnel. Limelight is committed in providing a safe and tranquil living environment for our clients and their families.


Asset Protection

The transportation of high-value commodities, such as jewelry, antiques, computer chips or sensitive corporate documents between locations may attract unwanted attention from an ever expanding and sophisticated criminal element.

The theft of valuable goods is by no means a coincidence! It is likely that those targeting your business prior to the commission of a crime will conduct basic surveillance. Limelight Protection Group offers a range of security services to counter this growing threat to high-risk valuable goods at static locations or during their transportation.

By evaluating threats or possible risks to a clients business or investments, Limelight will determine how to defeat or significantly reduce future security problems. Limelight will provide the safest possible environment.

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