Security Services


Special Event Security

Limelight Protection Group provides the ultimate security for your event. Your total protection is our number one concern. Limelight personnel will work to make sure that security is at the highest level, that your event is problem free and that no area is neglected. Limelight personnel are experienced in the field of event security and provide a dynamic service that is unobtrusive, discreet and conscientious.

Limelight security personnel can secure any function, from business meetings to entertainment industry events. Limelight offers a discreet service, working efficiently, ensuring the tightest control over access to your event, to guarantee your constant protection.

Limelight will allow the client to concentrate on ensuring the guests enjoyment and the smooth running of the event. Understanding should a problem arise at any time, it would be very reassuring to know that experienced security personnel are on hand to deal with any situation in an effective and proficient manner.


Travel Security

While traveling for business or pleasure, Limelight can provide agents for the protection of clients and their families.

Whether traveling by private or commercial aircraft, corporate or personal vehicle, Private or Corporate Yacht, or simply enjoying the accommodations of your hotel, Limelight will provide a security presence to ensure that you, your colleagues or your family can concentrate on business, personal affairs or just relaxing.

Limelight provides a physical deterrent while blending into the environment and will in no way impede your enjoyment while traveling.

Alternatively, we can also arrange for a professional driver to pick you up from your destination and ensure that you arrive safely to your final destination.


Guides / Companions

Limelight will provide Security personnel with local knowledge, for National and International visitors and Corporate Executives.

We will provide a physical deterrent while blending into the environment and will in no way impede your enjoyment while going to a business meeting, enjoying a restaurant, going on a shopping spree or just taking in the sites.


Personalised Services

Do you provide personal or adult services or have you been chatting to someone on the "net" and now you feel it’s time to meet with him or her and go on that first date. Will he/she be the person you think they really are? Is it worth taking the risk alone?

Are you or your partner going on a hens or bucks night? Do you have that special someone whom you think may not be doing the things they say they are?

Clients have in the past approached us to provide unique services.…These delicate requests are sometimes of a delicate or personal nature and could be potentially embarrassing or they just never felt comfortable taking these types of requests to someone else. The Limelight team will tailor our services to meet the specific needs of you, our client.

If you have any doubts, why risk your safety or that of someone you love?.

  To speak with one of our highly trained security specialists, call us : (+61) 419 023 274