Mining and Resources

Mining and Resources - Mine camp security services

miningWith the rapid growth and investment in mining and resources in Australia. Limelight Protection has expanded its services into the resources sector  in addition to our existing suite of services and now provides professional security and investigative support for site and mining camps throughout Australia.
Our ability to provide a wide range of comprehensive services is a product of our understanding of the security needs of our clients and that of the mining industry.

Our specially trained remote teams provide camp security services to ensure a safe and secure living environment for your guest executives, crew and camp employees. Our Security Officers are professionals with law enforcement, military or multiple years security related experience in the remote sector. Our staff are physically fit and well groomed, wear highly visible, professional uniforms and are friendly, approachable and courteous. We work closely with camp management and your client’s corporate security team to develop a security environment that is congruent with your camp policies and your client’s corporate
security protocols.

Our management can provide highly effective security and camp policy enforcement programs to ensure and maintain a safe camp environment for your guests and employees. Our security team will work hard to ensure that your guests are able to obtain the rest and relaxation needed after a long and hard days’ work in the field.

All guards comply with the following certifications as mininum;security

  • Appropriate licencing qualifications  (Qld Security licence issued by office of fair trading)
  • Current Qualifications in Senior First aid
  • Current Qld Coal Generic Induction (surface)
  • Accredited to perform drug and alcohol testing
  • Job Fit assessment for security guard
  • Competence in applying the act and regualtions relating to security guarding
  • Current Open Qld drivers licence

Some of the services we will provide to our clients in this area include;

  • Access Control
  • Control vehicle/people access to and from site on a 24hr basis through the security gate
  • Monitor movements by maintaining an event log of vehicle/people movements and events
  • Vehicle/People access
  • Confirmation of Site Authorisation with host
  • Validate and Issue/retrieve ID/access card
  • Manage any on-line inductions that may be performed at the gate house prior to entry
  • Issue and retrieve PPE to visitors as necessary
  • Surveillance and investigations
  • Monitoring sensors and CCTV
  • Monitor warning alarms; such as ground monitoring radar/s
  • Conduct mobile random patrols/surveillance for asset protection as directed
  • Maintain current procedures and protocols to ensure professional services
  • Provide written reports on a daily, weekly and monthly frequency
  • Continued personal development of all Suppliers personnel on site
  • Maintain all associated security and monitoring equipment and vehicle
  • Administer First Aid as required
  • Monitor the potential fatigue risk (hours of work) of all persons entering / leaving site in line with the Principal‟s Fatigue Management Policy andprocedures
  • Conduct random drug and or alcohol testing at both the Gatehouse and the mine muster area (at start of each shift or at the discretion of management)
  • Provide security services as required (e.g. incident site security)
  • Conduct regular hazard identification and reporting
  • Enforcement of site rules and procedures including parking procedures and the like
  • Monitoring alarms and emergency two-way and mobile phone
  • Respond as First Response Controller of emergency call by phone or in person and perform tasks as described in site emergency response plans, guidelines and procedures (lockdown site, communications officer)
  • Conduct adhoc security checks of vehicle contents
  • Emergency management coordination including locking down site
  • Environmental champions

To speak with one of our highly trained security specialists, call us : (+61) 419 023 274